In Your House 18: Badd Blood

Summary: It is a horrible show, ruined by circumstance, ultimately saved by a bona fide classic main event. The undercard is one of the worst you will see on any WWF pay-per-view, no doubt about it, but the quality of the Hell in a Cell match makes it easy to overlook that. Still, when looking at it objectively and as a whole, you have to wonder just what the hell the WWF were thinking with five tag matches (I know two were added because of Pillman’s untimely death, but they could have put something else on, the roster was big enough), a heel-heel match in the only straight singles encounter and heels going over in nearly every bout. The booking was awful. Hey, who is that guy who had just been added to the writing team? Oh, right. Track down the main event if you have never seen it, and be ashamed of yourself for not having done so sooner. Ignore the rest entirely and avoid ever sitting through it otherwise.

Verdict: 42

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