In Your House 18: Badd Blood

Los Boricuas vs. Disciples of Apocalypse

We have Brian Pillman to thank for this… Los Boricuas are the 90’s equivalent of Camacho and Hunico, only less interesting. These teams feuded extensively as part of the epic 1997 gang wars (or “warz”, if you will) and while I have little time for either team (I mean Christ, the DOA features Crush, the Blu Brothers and Fake Undertaker!) I still think it was exceedingly smart to have the midcarders all bunched up in little factions with conflicting ideals. It kept them all busy and gave them something meaningful to do. The WWE should have formed a modern day version of Boricuas with the previously mentioned Camacho and Hunico alongside the equally pointless Primo and Epico. I don’t know who would be the DOA though, because the WWE just don’t have massive men anymore. I do like factions that wear matching attire too, as both of these teams do. The exception is Jesus Castillo who has forgone the white wife-beaters that the rest of his gang are wearing in favour of a black one. What a goon. “Boots, fists, clotheslines” says Vince, which pretty much sums this one up. The WWF should have let all the gang matches be fought under no disqualification rules. It would have been a good way for the participants to mask their shortcomings and add a degree of excitement to things that is otherwise missing here. Great concept on paper, poor in execution. To be fair to Los Boricuas, they do have some pretty nifty quadruple team spots, but to counterbalance that they also have significant rest holds, which is unforgivable in an eight-man tag. Crush puts the black vested Jesus away with a tilt-a-whirl slam to a decent reaction from the crowd. I think it is more the fact that they are the first babyfaces to go over (if you discount Max Mini, which I do) than the fact that they are over. This was fine for what is was. I have a soft spot for the gang wars.

Final Rating: *


Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith cut a promo prior to the upcoming flag match, with Davey once again showing why he was such a horrible talker as he gets lost at the end of the interview and just repeats the words “right here!” uncomfortably. Oh, Davey, you bizarre man. Before the bout, Howard Finkel announces that there has been a change to the rules and as well as winning by lifting your country’s own flag, you can also win by pinfall or submission. I guess Vader came up with the changed finish after all… Speaking of Vader, he and the Patriot do an interview where Vader says that Bret’s famous catchphrase is “all a bunch of bullshit” and that he and the Patriot have little in common. Well, apart from both wearing masks, coming over from WCW, being underutilised and having their careers sabotaged by members of the locker room that didn’t like them…

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