SummerSlam ’97

Goldust vs. Brian Pillman

If Pillman loses he has to wear Marlena’s dress until he wins another match. That’s only when he’s wrestling, not shopping or going to the movies. Although I’m surprised they didn’t run the angle that way. This feud felt really thrown together and tragically it’s the last one of Pillman’s career. The aim was to turn Marlena heel, eventually, but Pillman died before the feud hit the hot cycle. Pillman is at his sadist best when going after Marlena, but ultimately it’s just for predictable bait spots. The match doesn’t have that ‘Loose Cannon’ structure, or lack thereof, that you’d expect from Pillman. He was in rough condition in 1997, barely recovered from injuries, and coasting by on personality. His rampant drug use was getting out of control, and it shows. This is not the same Pillman I remember from the Hollywood Blonds. What a great wrestler that guy was. Of course Goldust is pretty dull on offence so they spend most of the match sat in rest holds. Goldust takes a cracking bump as Pillman shoves him off on a bulldog. They make a horrible mess of a sunset flip spot, totally and utterly blowing the whole thing like Chyna in her second career. The real pisser is that the sunset is the finish. Marlena punches Pillman in the eye and Goldust completes the move, after an agonising 20 seconds of slow-motion disaster, and scores the pin. The match had a few moments of clarity, but was otherwise a car wreck. I’ll go a ¼* for Marlena bouncing around ringside and another ¼* for Goldust’s bumps.

Final Rating: DUD

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