SummerSlam ’97

The Godwinns vs. The Legion of Doom

I much prefer the Godwinns’ heel music. This feud comes off the back of Hank’s broken neck, which came from a Doomsday Device. Because of the Godwinns’ change of attitude we get them in dungarees without colour coded shirts, so Phineas gets to show off his Freddy Mercury tattoo. What hillbilly has a Freddy Mercury tattoo? Don’t get me wrong, I love Queen, but surely a Southern tattoo would be Lynyrd Skynyrd? Confederate flag? Something like that. The match contains extensive clubbering. Animal has that flaw again where he stands there waiting for spots to happen. I don’t remember him doing that so often during his peak years in the NWA. As noted previously, the WWF developed the term “powerhouse brawl” to describe this kind of match, which involves a lot of kick-punch-clothesline stuff. Hawk brings the psychology with a neckbender, um, neckbreaker on Hank. Bend that neck! Phineas saves Hank from the Doomsday Device and the LOD are forced into a change of plans. They nail Hank with a spike piledriver instead. If it seemed like I didn’t describe much, the whole match was the typical powerhouse brawl stuff. If you’ve watched the WWF, at all, you’ll know exactly what that’s like. I tagged on an extra ¼* for the psychology of beating Hank by going after his bad neck.

Final Rating: ¾*


Post Match: The WWF have a million dollar giveaway deal. A kid and a skinny bald guy compete. It’s so utterly useless. The only good thing about it is that Sunny and Sable parade around on the stage. No-one wins, but Sunny has AMAZING cleavage. If this was a contest to determine which Diva was hotter, I go with Sunny hands down.

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