SummerSlam ’97

The British Bulldog vs. Ken Shamrock

They shill One Night Only and the big Bulldog-Shawn match that headlines that show. It’s actually a decent PPV and probably the best UK-only event ever. Shamrock is absolutely JACKED. He has muscles on top of his muscles. He also brings innovative shoot-style takedowns that Bulldog rolls with but can’t deal with. Davey’s approach involves a few power moves, lots of clotheslines and extensive chinlocking. Shamrock hasn’t quite gotten a moveset down and Davey can be boring as hell when he’s not facing someone who’ll push him. Bulldog twice goes low and manages to bloody Shamrock’s lip, but they can’t get a storyline going. Sadly it’s more of the kick-punch business that dominated the previous match. Davey smacks Shammy in the face with some dog food, which makes Shamrock snap. Him snapping gets a huge pop and he destroys Bulldog with the dog food can for the DQ. Shamrock chokes Bulldog out and the poor guy turns purple. The match was nothing to write home about, but Shamrock’s personality really began to come across after the match. Pat Patterson tries to talk him down which leads to a belly-to-belly for him, and Brisco, and referee Jack Doan and another ref. “Get out of my way” and the crowd loudly chants “Shamrock”. The chokeout didn’t get him over as much as the assault on officials did. Admittedly that’s just lifting Steve Austin’s aggression, and destroying officials would become the de facto way to get over as a babyface in the Attitude era.

Final Rating:


Backstage: Shawn Michaels claims any issue with Bret Hart was settled at WrestleMania XII when he beat him. He also claims he’ll be an impartial referee in tonight’s main event. We go to Vince who mentions a new commissioner being named the following night. That was Sgt Slaughter.

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