SummerSlam ’97

Los Boricuas vs. The DOA

This was the WWF’s 1997 “Gang Warz” exploding. Both Savio Vega and Crush had put together gangs to combat the newly formed Nation of Domination. Somehow Crush ended up as a babyface because of it all; probably because the DOA ride Harleys to the ring. The DOA are Crush, Chainz (the former Fake Undertaker, Brian Lee) and the former Blu Brothers renamed 8-Ball and Skull. My friend Redje challenged me to name all of Los Boricuas a few weeks ago. I know Savio Vega and had no issues with Miguel Perez, he of hairy back fame, but then ran into a brick wall. One was called Jesus and that was as far as I got. The Jesus is Jesus Castillo and the other guy is Jose Estrada Jr. To say the group didn’t make much of a mark on me, or anyone else, would be an understatement. They were the only group that weren’t over of the three. Well, Miguel is sort of over, to be fair, and the fan chant “shave your back” at him. Brian Lee is the standout wrestler in the DOA, which should tell you how good they are. Nation of Domination mark II strolls through the crowd to watch. The match is a whole lot of nothing. At times it looks like a mugging, with fathead Harris getting isolated, but more often than not it just looks like a bar fight. If that’s what they were going for then they win… something. Chainz gets a bit carried away and goes after Ahmed Johnson, which gets him a sloppy Pearl River Plunge on the floor. Perez pins him and the match is thankfully over. I’m happy Chainz felt the need to adjust his waistcoat in lieu of kicking out. The WWF’s ’97 gang stuff was pretty goddamn awful. Total filler.

Final Rating: DUD

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