In Your House 15: A Cold Day in Hell




James Dixon: For no conceivable reason, this show was not released as part of the standard Coliseum Video series, complete with a random title such as Terminators or Winter Combat. Instead this got a proper release, but as an NTSC conversion of Silver Vision’s UK PAL release. It means once again you are reading about this show well out of sequence with the others, which I know is frustrating. Compiling these books has given me incredible headaches when it comes to catalogue numbers and the sequence the tapes are in, or are not in to put it more accurately. I would love to sit down with someone from Coliseum and find out just what the hell the thought process was regarding some of the decisions they made. Marty Applebaum, if you are reading, give me a call!

None of the Hart Foundation are wrestling on this card and nor is Shawn Michaels, so you can imagine how much I am looking forward to it. The Harts have scalped five front row tickets for the show, but they haven’t turned up yet.

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