In Your House 19: D-Generation X



Lee Maughan: If you’re wondering where this show was during the main portion of the book, it was never actually released on VHS in North America due to the changeover from Coliseum Home Video to WWF Home Video (or as the more cynical amongst you might suggest, because it sucks). As this guide is organised by catalogue numbers for ease of convenience, it becomes yet another In Your House show to wind up here amidst the string of UK exclusive releases.

This was of course the show on which Bret Hart had offered to drop the WWF Title after having refused to do the honours at Survivor Series in retaliation to a remark Shawn Michaels had made about not being prepared to do any jobs for Bret, the whole thing culminating in the sorry affair that became known as the Montreal Screwjob. As a consequence of what happened with Bret, the WWF had to plug Ken Shamrock into a short-term main event slot for this card, despite having never pushed him to quite that level previously, and a good chunk of the card is devoted to trying to get new personalities and characters over in a vain attempt to fill the void left by the Hart Foundation.

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