Fastlane 2015


Arnold Furious: We’re in Memphis, Tennessee. Hosts are Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler. This is the WWE’s latest PPV concept, a worthless February PPV event to milk the Elimination Chamber gimmick elsewhere in the year. It reminds me of PPV’s from February’s gone by where nothing happened bar the Wrestlemania title shot being on the line.

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, The Big Show & Kane
They set this up on Smackdown three days ago. Rollins and Ziggler are too good to be hanging around in the opener but at least that means we don’t have a straight up tag featuring Show & Kane. I was hoping Ziggler & Rollins just wouldn’t tag out as they open the match and it’s pretty darn good. Show vs. Rowan is dreadful. They keep looking around at their surroundings to make sure they don’t botch anything but in working that safe it makes everything look so fake. Crowd chant for Ziggler and Ryback, which is bad news for Rowan, who got no reaction when the teams came out here either. Not that the WWE have done much of a job of getting him over but he’s not connecting with the fans. Unfortunately the heels work heat on Rowan to no reaction. Whatever happened to switching a match up if something wasn’t working? Is the whole match planned out and depends on this particular section being so boring? Ryback gets the hot tag and Rollins is the man to sell for him, which makes the Big Guy look a lot better than he is. Ryback is an idiot. He gets distracted going for Shellshock by J & J Security. Just hit your finisher and win, you mug! If they come in the ring it’s a DQ and you still win, you Muppet. Ziggler gets himself over by beating up guys bigger than him but Show knocks him out and Kane hits the chokeslam for the win. This deflates the crowd but aside from the tiresome heat on Rowan this was a solid opener.
Final Rating: **

Post Match: The Authority lay out the faces allowing a returning Randy Orton to run down and hit a bunch of RKO’s. Rollins legs it out of the building to sell Orton’s assault. Video Control takes us backstage to see Dusty Rhodes chatting with Goldust. “Try not to hurt him…because that’s the very end of it”. Goldust counters by saying he’ll beat Stardust, not Cody, and he’ll beat him so bad he won’t want to wear the Stardust gear ever again. “I’m bringing Cody home”.

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