Hell In A Cell 2015

Hell in a Cell
Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns
This feud hasn’t done a lot for me but the last few minutes of their ‘feud ending’ match on Raw were terrific. If they can hit those levels throughout this definitive feud-ending contest, we could be on to a winner. For the past year the best thing about Bray Wyatt has been his entrance. Gotta love those fireflies. I wish he wouldn’t wear his t-shirt during matches, and that goes for anybody. Sure, you’ll sell more merchandise but you look like an asshole, wearing a t-shirt with your own slogans on it while you compete. Compare that to his awesome all-white trousers, with the flock of buzzards flying up the one leg. That’s ring gear. Some of the early pre-planned spots look REALLY pre-planned. Bray isn’t quite in place for a few either and they look super awkward. Bray picks the pace up by wailing on Roman with a kendo stick. The Cell needs that brutality. It’s a pity we’re in a bloodless PG era (main event aside) as a Hell in a Cell with no blood barely makes sense. Bray must wear himself out because he pulls out a chair so he can sit down and wail on Roman with the kendo stick some more.

Credit Wyatt with the creative juices to use the cage differently, setting up a chair and the stick between the links. Roman’s response is just punches and lots of them. Credit to both guys for just beating the shit out of each other. No holding back, just intense, no nonsense beatings. They step it up with tables and Bray destroys Roman with a Rock Bottom off the apron through a table. It’s a pity the WWE tried this big Roman Reigns push earlier in the year because he’s still paying for it among the men-folk and may never recover. Unless they turn him. I would. Have him as Seth Rollins’ bodyguard. Instant heat. Then they could slow burn him back face and do it properly, without trying to make him Cena 2.0 (Sufferin’ Suckatash!) as that doesn’t suit him at all. They pull out another table and Bray tries for a superplex only to get creamed through the table with a powerbomb. That totally feels like the finish but Bray leisurely kicks out. Where do you go from there? They go to finishers with Sister Abigail being countered into a slick roll up…for 2. Superman Punch…for 2. Not sure I really dig all the finisher kick-outs. Unless they’re leading to something amazing. Spear off the apron through a table! That’s pretty amazing. Not to mention dangerous! They both struggle back up. Roman tries for a Spear and it’s countered, beautifully, into Sister Abigail’s Kiss. I do love that move but Roman just kicks out. They do a little business with the kendo sticks in the corner and Roman finishes with a spear. The ending is a little deflating but this was easily the best match of the feud. By a country mile.
Final Rating: ***3/4

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