Hell In A Cell 2015

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Nikki Bella
In losing her title Nikki finally looked like a champion, dismantling Charlotte’s leg. Unfortunately the psychology disappeared in the conclusion with Charlotte just winning with the Figure Eight anyway. Everyone is banned from ringside, guaranteeing a one-on-one match. Nikki once again picks a body part (the back) and dissects it, surprising the crowd, especially with her improved mat work. They leather each other with strikes too. It’s like Nikki has finally realised she needs to bust her ass to compete in the division she was coasting through for so many years. Her pretzel style half crab is devastating. Are we sure that’s Nikki Bella? She wimps out on taking some chops but Charlotte doesn’t care and just chops whatever is in front of her, whether it’s chest, arms or whatever. Poor Nikki attempts two things way beyond her skill level. One of which is dropping off the top rope and landing on her head. Figure Eight doesn’t finish because Charlotte can’t hold it with her bad back. Psychology! Nikki gets back on the spine with an ALABAMASLAM ON THE APRON! Holy crap! Nikki tries for the Rack Attack but Charlotte hauls her down into the Figure Eight, just barely holding on for the submission. This was more like it. Best divas match since the NXT girls (Charlotte, Sasha and Becky) moved up to the main roster. In losing her title Nikki Bella has actually shown a lot more class and skill than during her entire run with the strap. If only she’d tried this hard while she was champion.
Final Rating: ***1/4

Video Control takes us backstage where Dean Ambrose congratulates Roman Reigns for getting the big win. Dean teases “what happens next” but Reigns doesn’t want to talk about that…yet. Intrigue!

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