Hell In A Cell 2015

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Ryback
Big pop for Owens. The Ryback brings a load of power, combined with blind charges and stupidity. He’s never going to change but I don’t mind. He’s a niche guy. The two trading on power moves gets over with LA. It’s lots of meaty back bumps and a war of attrition. Owens tries for an assortment of cheap finishes like count-outs, roll ups and outright cheating. Owens sneaky eyerake isn’t even spotted by the commentators, nor the referee, and the Pop Up Powerbomb finishes in spritely fashion. Total filler. Owens looked like the star coming in and going out.
Final Rating: *3/4

Video Control gives us a quick shill for Breaking Ground. I watched episode #1 and it’s a surprisingly intriguing show. I found myself drawn in to the struggles of Tino Sabbatini and Nhooph (Jasmin Areebi). I didn’t like the cliff-hanger finish but as far as reality TV goes, this worked perfectly well. I can see it going into my NXT-based viewing rotation on the Network.

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