Hell In A Cell 2015

Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
This is billed as the “final” meeting of Taker and Lesnar, a story that goes back to 2002. Although the hype video has “chapter one” as Lesnar ending Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania XXX. I suppose they don’t want to remind people that these guys have a) already had a long feud and b) blown it off in a Hell in a Cell. I guarantee far less blood this time around. They even mention Lesnar is 1-0 in Hell in a Cell but don’t mention it was against the Undertaker. How is that not relevant? You have to give both guys credit, this immediately has a big match atmosphere. But then all of both men’s matches have felt that way for a while as they’re such special attractions.

The match gets special treatment too regarding blood as Brock bleeds off the ring post. He doesn’t blade, but the way he deliberately headbutts the post makes it fairly clear it was intentional. He did the same thing against Roman Reings at Wrestlemania. They send a doctor in to clean the blood off Lesnar’s head, which is just odd and the crowd hate it. Brock takes out his frustrations on Taker and batters him with a chair to the side of the face. The noise of the impact is deeply unsettling. Taker bleeds too and the match has been absolutely brutal for the opening ten minutes or so. And then Brock Lesnar takes the Undertaker to Suplex City. “Suplex City, bitch” as the crowd count along. Lesnar feels a cheeky quick finish coming on but the F-5 only gets 2. The doctor comes in to treat Lesnar, so Brock throws him out of the ring. F-5…for 2 again.

This pisses Brock off and he takes it to the next level; destruction via ring steps. This leads to an awkward spot where Taker is supposed to kick the steps into Brock’s face but Lesnar gets nervous about Taker’s reaction time and pauses in an odd place. This baits Lesnar into Hell’s Gate, the Summerslamfinish. Lesnar fucking HAMMERFISTS HIS WAY OUT. UFC, motherfucker! Lesnar then changes tack again by destroying the ring, giving us a rare look at the boards under the padding. Taker does the zombie sit up and chokeslams Lesnar on the exposed boards. The crowd chant “holy shit” but it’s basically just a normal bump with an inch less padding than usual. Tombstone…gets 2. Taker moves in for the kill but Brock, looking for some Summerslam revenge, punches him in the balls. F-5 finishes and Brock The Conqueror wins the feud! Second cracking Hell in a Cell match tonight.
Final Rating: ****

Post Match: Taker gets a standing ovation for his 25 years of in-ring effort but he’s interrupted by the Wyatt Family. Bray’s still pissed he lost at Wrestlemania earlier in the year. “I don’t want to see this” says JBL. That’s a shoot, brother! The crowd do not care for the Wyatt Family beating Taker down and the whole thing feels pretty weak.

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