Hell In A Cell 2015

Summary: Both the Cell matches delivered. The Taker-Lesnar match is easily my favourite match from their recent three bout series, blowing Wrestlemania and Summerslam out of the water (although other people enjoyed Summerslam way more than I did). Bray-Roman is a feud I didn’t enjoy at all but they capped it off in fine fashion. I don’t like the ending to their match because it was so flat after the big table spots but the match was good. Also delivering were a few surprise contests. Rollins-Kane was better than expected and Nikki Bella proved a few doubters wrong, despite the odd mistake, with a very solid match against Charlotte. One of the best main roster ladies matches in a long time. Albeit not a patch on Sasha Banks vs. Bayley but it shows the promise in the division. All in all it was probably the best non-big four PPV of the year. An easy recommendation.
Verdict: 81

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