Money in the Bank 2015



Arnold Furious: My interest levels in this show were pretty low on the whole. Mainly because the same day Revolution Pro Wrestling had scheduled a show in London, at York Hall in Bethnal Green. I was sold the minute they released the name of the first wrestler booked; Tomohiro Ishii. I’m a massive fan of Ishii and his realistic work. I booked two tickets immediately, despite having no one in particular to go with. I ended up coercing my beloved wife to join me and attend her first wrestling show. It was a terrific evenings entertainment from the reliable Rev Pro promotion. I swear it’s their intention to put on a fantastic card every single show they do. The first few matches booked for their Uprising show in October were so tantalising I’m certain to be going to that show as well. Massive props go out to Will Ospreay and Matt Sydal for having the outstanding match on a card populated by the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Roderick Strong, Colt Cabana and AJ Styles. It’s a genuine MOTYC, which I’d put at ****3/4, possibly at ***** because I was there. It’s also a contender for the best match I’ve seen in person. It really was that good. This coming from a guy, in Sydal, that I disparaged the last time I saw him for being rusty and clunky. You can ignore that now, Matt Sydal is back and Will Ospreay is incredibly good in the ring. His somewhat vanilla personality will count against him when he gets to America, and believe me he will, but he can get by on wrestling alone. He’s that damn good.

Oh yeah, the WWE put a show on too. Let’s see how that went…

14th June 2015.

In memory of Dusty Rhodes 1945-2015

Before we get underway everyone is collected out here for a ten bell salute to the fallen Dusty Rhodes. There isn’t a man or woman among the WWE superstars that hasn’t been touched by Dusty’s genius. I’ve often been critical of his in-ring ability but Dusty’s ability to draw people in was almost unparalleled. His voice was amazing and he could sell a story in a few sentences with his unique style. His work with the WWE, especially in moulding the current generation of stars, is greatly appreciated and he will be missed, both as one of the most charismatic men in the history of wrestling and as a beloved mentor.

We’re in Columbus, Ohio. Hosts are Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

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