Over The Edge ’98



Arnold Furious: While the in-ring during Attitude was generally poor, when done right it was great. The main event of this show between Steve Austin and Dude Love is exactly that, and it essentially became the template for every Attitude main event match for the next two years. We’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.


LOD 2000 vs. DOA
Oh good lord. Hell of a way to start the show. Sunny is still manager of LOD but they’ve also gained Droz as a corner man. Droz cut his teeth while on loan to ECW before Vince renamed him “Puke” and put him with the LOD. The idea being that he’ll offset DOA’s third member; Chainz. Later on he’d replace Hawk as the WWF exploited the wrestler’s real-life drug and alcohol problems. Droz actually had one of the best Indy names, ever, and wrestled as Darren “Ripping Yarns” Laxingham. LOD have probably figured out they’re not part of the WWF’s title scene plan by this point and therefore have stopped caring. DOA absolutely suck in the ring, but LOD decide to have one of those “powerhouse brawls” the WWF was so fond of. It’s an anachronistic match reminiscent of the WWF’s 80s heyday. Not the good matches from the 80s heyday, either. The crowd pop everything though, as we’re in Attitude and everyone is over, and Droz whaling on Chainz gets a massive pop and even a “Puke” chant. You know creative is on a hot streak with the fans when a guy who vomits is over. JR naturally mentions Droz’s pro-football career, no doubt JR had a hand in signing Droz, as Drozdov once puked on Monday Night Football. On the ball, no less, during a play. The fact I’m talking about football players regurgitating should tell you everything you need to know about the match. DOA work boring heat on Hawk and it never ends. It being Hawk, he doesn’t really sell anything either. The ending is a mess as Droz isn’t in the right place, leaving Skull walking around looking confused and the ref standing over Hawk in the corner, who is doing nothing. Droz eventually realises he should be on the apron and Skull looks over his shoulder to make sure he’s there before running the ropes into a weak shot to the back. Animal hits a powerslam for the pin. The match is unbearably boring and the finish is the crap icing on a shit cake. The antithesis of a hot opener.
Final Rating: DUD


You can tell we’re well into Attitude as we get mid-PPV promos. The Rock runs down Milwaukee claiming if he lived here he’d have to get drunk, like all the locals, to bed down one of the “bearded pigs” that pass for local women. Faarooq runs down to stick up for Milwaukee’s womenfolk and piledrives Rock on a chair. Rocky sells it like a champ and refuses to move until he gets a neck brace and a stretcher. This isn’t Mexico! Fake injury angles usually suck, but this is deliberately in place as an excuse for Rock to bail on his title match later.


Backstage: Steve Austin calls Michael Cole a “silly bastard” and insists he won’t lose the WWF title tonight. He says no one will be watching his back because everyone is scared of Vince McMahon, apart from him.

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