TLC 2015




Arnold Furious: WWE’s December pay-per-view has often been a source of enormous disappointment. Reaching back to 1995 and the disastrous buyrates of the In Your House expansion era. “Seasons Beatings” (really bad PPV name) did an almost embarrassing buyrate despite being headlined by the outstanding Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog match. Even further back than that the December PPV curse struck. This Tuesday In Texas(worst PPV name, ever) was headlined by the Immortal Hulk Hogan reclaiming his WWF Championship by pinning the Undertaker, only days after losing the belt. The show was routinely terrible featuring bouts such as Bulldog vs. Warlord, Bret Hart vs. Skinner and a much-hyped Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts match, which was over in under seven minutes.

Over the years it’s been a bad show. 1996 was awful, including a poor Sid vs. Bret Hart title match and Taker vs. “The Executioner” in a silly Armageddon Rules match. 1997’s In Your House: DX was arguably the worst PPV of the year. 1998’s Rock Bottom was the one headlined by Steve Austin and Undertaker in a dreadful Buried Alive match. Later on the disastrous ECW PPV December to Dismember (actually this is the worst PPV name ever) ran in December, back in 2006. WWE had the nerve to run two PPV’s that month, the other headlined by Batista & John Cena vs. Finlay & Booker T. It’s a dead month for PPV. To try and compensate for the lack of any interesting angles in December, WWE switched the event to a TLC show back in 2009. That’s helped to improve match quality but going into the PPV we’re still looking at severe fan apathy and some of the lowest viewing figures in decades.

We’re in Boston, Massachusetts. Setting for Fallout 4. I bring this up as it’s one of the world’s most played video games at the moment and something I’m in the midst of really enjoying. But who to ultimately side with? Providing me with the option to choose different groups to support is much like wrestling. Ultimately I’m presented with an assortment of potential suitors and choose who I want to cheer for. Hosts are Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. I can’t be alone in wanting Lawler to retire at this point. Along with Vince McMahon. Change is needed and having the same boss and same commentator as we had at the beginning of December PPV back in 1995 can’t be good for business. At least Vince is letting someone other than himself commentate but maybe he should commentate as at least he wouldn’t be in someone’s ear during the damn show. The colour guys might actually become useful. The opening video shows the sheer number of times Roman Reigns has choked when faced with the chance to become the Man in WWE. I agree that WrestleMania XXXI was too early for Reigns but taking the belt off him after five minutes and fifteen seconds has killed any momentum he built up after that. With Brock Lesnar out of the title picture it should have been the Roman Empire.

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