WrestleMania 31



Arnold Furious: We’re in Santa Clara, California. Enormous show this year. 2 hours for the kick-off show and then 4 hours for the show itself. Kick-off show is hosted by Renee Young, Booker T, Byron Saxton & Corey Graves. A couple of matches on the show but it’s mostly hype to build up the card. Here’s my take:

Triple H vs. Sting. We’re all expecting Sting to win this but I would love it if Hunter won. I haven’t cared about Sting since 1996 and hated the whole Crow Sting (aka Sad Mime Sting) era, which has comprised the last 20 years. So this is a no-lose for me. I don’t care who wins and if the ridiculous Hunter win does happen it’d be fine by me.

Who I want to win: Triple H
Who will win: Sting

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton. This is one where I’d love to see the youngster go over. Rollins is everything Orton is not. He’s exciting, he’s fresh, he has a move-set. Orton has his pose and the RKO. I probably hate him more than anyone else on the roster. So this is cut and dry for me. I want Seth to win, anything else is bad.

Who I want to win: Seth Rollins
Who will win: Randy Orton

IC title ladder match: I don’t care who wins. The title is worthless. If they’re really serious about rebuilding it, from the ground up, then Daniel Bryan has to win. So I’ll be watching for the car-crash elements but that’s it.

Who I want to win: Daniel Bryan
Who will win: Daniel Bryan

Bellas vs. Paige & AJ. The Bellas suck. They actually put some effort into hyping this match this week though. Shame it’s the Bellas.

Who I want to win: Paige & AJ
Who will win: The Bellas

Rusev vs. Cena. Weak build on this. I’m not particularly partial to Rusev but him winning is more interesting than Cena winning so Cena wins. Much like he did against Wyatt last year when he should have lost.

Who I want to win: Rusev
Who will win: John Cena

Wyatt vs. Taker. Another match that’s had a luke-warm build. Hoping the two guys will have enough personality to win the crowd over. Of course Taker’s streak ending last year takes some of the mystique off him and is anybody that bothered if he loses again now?

Who I want to win: Bray Wyatt
Who will win: Undertaker

Lesnar vs. Reigns. I’m a big, big Lesnar fan and I’m hoping he retains here. I think Roman comes off as a soft worker without anything impactful enough to put Lesnar down. With Brock having signed, for three years no less, there’s no reason to job him out now. He should retain. Hopefully in a massacre.

Who I want to win: Brock Lesnar
Who will win: Brock Lesnar

The pre-show matches are covered by our illustrious, ahem, commentary team of Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler. JBL’s first line is to call it “Wrestlemoania”. Nice one, pal.

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