Fully Loaded ’98



Arnold Furious: During 1998 the WWF started to name their PPVs generically. This was the first Fully Loaded PPV, which was followed by two more in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Ultimately the title was a bit lame and it happened to coincide with the Invasion PPV in 2001, thus ending the brief Fully Loaded legacy. The show was eventually re-titled Vengeance, which is a bit more aggressive. Fully Loaded was intended to capitalise on the new-found popularity of DX and indeed Hunter Hearst Helmsley adorns the cover, finally popular enough to sell stuff after three years of treading midcard water.


We’re in Fresno, California. We start backstage with Sable giving Jerry Lawler an exclusive preview of her bikini in tonight’s contest. Lawler reacts like a pre-pubescent teen who’s never seen tits in his life. So, the same way he behaves all the time then. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. JR says the venue has been sold out for weeks, which I don’t doubt as the company was hot, but states it’s full of people wanting to see the tag title match tonight, which I do doubt.

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