Royal Rumble 2016



Arnold Furious: The Royal Rumble has been a favourite PPV of mine stretching back to the early days of the event. It always conjures up such excitement. There’s a feeling that anything is possible and the company is all about setting up new ideas and programs, aimed to thrill on the largest scale at WrestleMania. Which is why the past two years have been so incredibly disappointing. Will this make it three in a row? Let’s hope not.

The PPV kicks off with the arrival of Vince McMahon and his daughter Stephanie. McMahon Sr.’s mood is ebullient. So much so he’s happy to see JoJo and puts over the opportunities everyone in the Rumble match has. “I love this night, almost as much as I love me” says Vince. That’s absolutely perfect. When Vince is on fire he’s a dynamo on the microphone, even as a pensioner. The Roman Reigns vs. everyone story is a bit of a bummer but that is offset by having the WWE title on the line in the Rumble match. It makes this night even more unpredictable. We’re in Orlando, Florida. Hosts are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and JBL. We also have a Spanish and French commentary team. The French team looks borderline depressed!

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