Royal Rumble 2016

WWE World Tag Team Championship
The New Day (c) vs. The Usos
Chris Jericho should be banished from TV forever for breaking Francesca. It is an outrage. The crowd chant “New Day Rocks” and “Fran-ces-ca” in support of the two-time tag team champs. But what’s this: Xavier Woods has a new trombone! It gets popped. Heavens be praised! Francesca II, I even named it during my SmackDown review last week! “I can’t mourn forever, a brothers got needs”. The Usos get heat because they’re not the New Day. This is one of the issues with having a heel team that’s mega-over as faces. Xavier Woods screaming at the commentators is more entertaining than the commentators and the crowd begin a “play Francesca” chant. Xavier tries really hard to stay heel by not playing the trombone and generally being irritating at ringside. It’s going to be exceptionally hard to keep New Day heel at this point. They blow a big spot at the finish where Xavier is supposed to help Kofi escape a pin and he doesn’t. Jay looks stupid yelling at him for interfering when he didn’t. Big E gets a blind tag though and hits the Big Ending for the pin. Which Kofi finds hilarious as he rolls around putting his foot on the rope. They blow a spot and make fun of themselves for it. You have to love these guys.
Final Rating: ***

Video Control gives us words from the Wyatt Family. They’re being hyped as being a big deal in the Rumble match, having seen off both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar on RAW. Their four horsemen of the apocalypse promo is neat. If only they’d decide on how important the Wyatt’s are to the big scheme of things and either push them or not.

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