Royal Rumble 2016

WWE Diva’s Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch
This is actually one of the best storylines on the show at the moment, which is nice seeing as the divas division had been a disaster for months. With Charlotte’s solid heel turn and Becky’s superb underdog gimmick they have a strong build. Behind the Rumble and Owens-Ambrose it was the match I was most interested in. It helps that both ladies still have a lot of good will from their NXT matches. Although I’d love to see a Becky win I’m fine with either woman winning as they’ll both have good defences lined up. Lynch has a lot of support. They do some nice basic switches to start with Charlotte getting her cocky persona across and Becky looking plucky and going after the arm to set up her finish. Ric Flair is the x-factor out there and he slaps a liplock on Becky to turn the tide. It’s noticeable that the difficulty level is quite low, in an attempt to avoid any mistakes but the contest is fluid and logical. Charlotte perhaps uses too many rest holds but she is working heel. It’s pleasing that the match has heat throughout, unlike many recent diva contests, which have taken place in front of dead silence or, worse, mocking abuse. The finish is horribly screwy with Becky getting the Disarmer only for Ric to throw his jacket onto Lynch’s face. She confusingly breaks the hold only to turn into a spear and lose. Bad finish aside this was a decent match. I understand the urge to keep the belt on Charlotte with her drawing such good heat but poor Becky can’t catch a break.
Final Rating: ***

Post Match: Charlotte is celebrating and SASHA BANKS IS HERE! HUGE pop! She kicks poor Becky out of the ring. The crowd actually chant “Bayley” for a bit before chanting for “Sasha” to come after Charlotte’s strap. They make nice until Charlotte turns her back. BANK STATEMENT! Nobody points at the WrestleMania sign so that might be a match for Fast Lane. Consider me all in on that one. When Sasha has time to plan out a match with one her girlfriends from Florida magic happens. Hopes are high for that one and I marked out hard for Sasha’s music kicking in and the Bank Statement. Which is a great sign as it means I’m into the divas division. For the first time since Trish Stratus worked here.
[bump match rating up to ***3/4 including this]

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