Royal Rumble 2016

Summary: While it’s far from being one of the better Rumble shows the Rumble match itself was fine for the most part. When it got down to the nitty-gritty the final four contained nobody I was particularly invested in unfortunately, like Owens, AJ or Lesnar. The whole Roman stretcher job in the middle of the match took me out of the action almost completely because he would inevitably return. It was cheap booking. The undercard was fairly consistent though and the opening match is the one that entertained the most. Compared to the last two years the show definitely delivered. Although nothing here is anywhere close to last year’s WWE title match. Injuries cannot have helped WWE but they had a super hot crowd here and gave them a few luke warm turns during the main event. The departures of all the top guys were a bit weak. Especially the finish, which was flat. Don’t mind me though I’m still marking out for AJ Styles (and Sasha Banks).
Verdict: 87

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