Survivor Series ’88



Arnold Furious: Things couldn’t have been going better for Vince McMahon. He’d taken down all the rival territories and weakened the NWA to the level where their main promoter, Jim Crockett, had sold up and left the business in the hands of Ted Turner. The billionaire knew television but was merely a fan of wrestling. His approach to running the newly named Universal Wrestling Corporation (later WCW) was to treat it like any of his businesses. He laid down the law and looked after the bottom line. He appointed Jim Herd, someone with no wrestling background, to run the company and continued with Dusty Rhodes as booker, until Rhodes got himself fired for blading against company wishes at Starrcade ’88. The upheaval down south didn’t overly concern Vince, who was convinced he had the superior product and the better setup. Never was this more evident than with the domination on PPV. NWA had been second best. AWA realised what was happening too late and were virtually dead by this point. Turner bought JCP three days before this show.

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