WrestleMania IV



Arnold Furious: For WrestleMania IV the WWF starting planning far in advance. They aimed for a spectacular tournament for the vacant WWF title. Keep in mind that Hulk Hogan had been champion for four years. The entire of Vince McMahon’s run in charge had been defined by Hogan’s title reign. With that ending, in screwy circumstances, the vacant title was a big deal. The opinion of the outside world was that it’d come down to Hogan vs. DiBiase, so they could blow that feud off with Hogan regaining his title. The WWF had other plans with Ted DiBiase, according to scuttlebutt, being their pick to win the belt. The feeling being that a 4 year babyface run with the belt needed breaking up a bit and that Hogan needed to chase the title for a while. The planning went wrong during the build up to the show, when the Honky Tonk Man refused to lose his IC title to Randy Savage. Basically at the time, losing on TV was a big no-no for wrestlers because everyone saw it, and it made you a loser everywhere. The original plan had him dropping the title to Savage at the Main Event but he said no. Savage was pissed off so they switched plans for WrestleMania. The rest is history. We’re in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura. Doing the show at Trump Plaza seemed like a bit of a step down but everyone liked the venue. So much so they came back for WrestleMania V. It does look good on camera and has a cool entranceway.

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