WrestleMania X8



James Dixon: In many ways WrestleMania X-Seven was the start of a new era for the annual sports entertainment extravaganza, with the show frequently taking up residence in stadiums across North America from that point onwards. While undoubtedly already a major household name in the mainstream prior, following the legendary 2001 event, the WWF (and then WWE) began to put more and more emphasis on the show each time out, making it the genuine focal point of the year both in terms of promotion, culminating major feuds and storylines and bringing back legendary figures from the past. WrestleMania had become a weeklong celebration of everything WWF past, present and (sometimes) future. WrestleMania X8 was especially notable on the nostalgia front, as it would see three former WWF Champions making their first appearances at the show in years. Not only that, but the event took place in the mammoth SkyDome in Toronto, Canada, the home of WrestleMania VI.

It was previously and would again become tradition for WrestleMania to open with a rendition of the American patriotism piece ‘America The Beautiful’ (which I have always thought was a little insular on a globally broadcast show) but instead we get Saliva busting out a dirge that gets lost in the ethers of the building.

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