WrestleMania XV



Lee Maughan: WrestleMania XV, Or “How Vince Russo Conspired to Ruin the “Grandaddy of ‘em All.”

You know we’re deep into the Attitude Era here because “Philadelphia’s own” Boyz II Men kicks things off with America the Beautiful… and get a hearty mix of both cheers and boos. Shades of grey, baby! Hosts are Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole, who’s still sitting in for Jim Ross after Ross’ latest round of Bell’s Palsy. In happenings from the live edition of Sunday Night Heat:

– Jacqueline beat Ivory in a short, useless match

– D’Lo Brown and Test co-won a 21-man battle royal to earn a tag team title match later on the when the Godfather and Droz eliminated each other (yep, D’Lo and Test only “won” by accident because their competition were such clowns.) The other participants were Public Enemy, DOA, the Hardy Boys, the Acolytes, Too Much, LOD 2000 (the most obvious and most logical choice to win, hence why Russo booked two unaffiliated singles guys in the spot instead), Mideon, Viscera, Steve Blackman, Gillberg and Tiger Ali Singh.

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