Capital Carnage



Lee Maughan: You may be wondering why a show from December 1998 appears in a book that picks up in October 1999, but you can thank the WWF for releasing the VHS of this show so long after it actually took place, resulting in a later catalogue number, the method we’ve chosen to simplify the ordering of the mammoth task we’ve elected to undertake in covering all and sundry on the promotion’s home video market. This show marks the WWF’s long-awaited return to UK-only pay-per-view after 1997’s inaugural One Night Only event, with Mayhem in Manchester earlier in the year having been scheduled for the Sky Box Office treatment, only for a disagreement over the revenue split between the WWF and Sky resulting in a blackout of sorts that saw the card wind up as a non-televised house show, later seeing a half-hearted “highlights” release on VHS as a way for the WWF to try and recoup at least some of the overblown advertising that they put into the event.

Hosts are Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, who unfortunately suffered his second attack of Bell’s palsy during the broadcast after learning of his mother’s death. In Jim’s own words, from

Mother’s Day brings back a cascade of memories for me as I was in London, as I recall, when word came from the States from my wife that my Mama had suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 64. This info was received a few hours prior to a WWE produced UK PPV which, by the way, will naturally spawn the obligatory and worn out question: “Is WWE going to promote another UK PPV?” of which I have no idea. The McMahon family offered to fly me home immediately so I could attend to my mom’s funeral arrangements with having no siblings and with my Dad passing away just a few years prior. Knowing my mother’s work ethic and love of the genre, I opted to stay in the UK, do my job and then come home the next day to deal with the funeral arrangements. The only thing that I wasn’t expecting was to come down with my second bout of Bells palsy while I was actually on the air live during that particular show. It wasn’t the greatest weekend on record for me personally, but I did have the greatest Mom one could ever ask for as she loved me unconditionally, supported my passions, almost to a fault, and gave me a unrelenting work ethic and a no BS approach to many aspects of my life.”


Kudos to Ross for remaining so professional throughout the show in the face of such adversity.

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