Fully Loaded 2000



Arnold Furious: My wish list for this book was basically as follows: Royal Rumble 2000, No Way Out 2000 (for Mick Foley’s farewell double shot) and Fully Loaded 2000. Those were the three shows I was really eager to review. For those who don’t recall, this is a fine show. A snapshot of the year. It features a triple main event as the WWF took their three most promising midcard talents (Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit) and threw them against their three most established top card talents (Undertaker, Triple H and the Rock). It was an attempt to examine the glass ceiling to see if any of them belonged above it. By all rights Jericho should have been above it already, having beaten Hunter for the WWF Title only to have the decision reversed when Earl Hebner admitted a fast count. Like James has stated elsewhere, I thought it was Jericho’s time and striking while the iron was hot could have given him a massive boost as a talent. 2000 may have been the Rock’s year but him not winning the title at that point wouldn’t have been an issue as he was already monstrously over and it wouldn’t have hurt him at all. Whereas Jericho winning would have taken him to another level and the WWF would have gained a main eventer.

Tangent: This was the third and final Fully Loaded PPV. An event that debuted in 1998 and a spin-off of the DX push, featuring Hunter crotch-chopping on the poster. Fully Loaded was replaced in 2001 by the InVasion PPV, with the title being too wishy-washy to promote a massive WWF vs. WCW storyline. When the 2002 schedule rolled around Fully Loaded had disappeared for good, replaced by the even more generic Vengeance. Not that Vengeance retained its PPV status for that long, replaced in 2008 by the Night of Champions, which sounds a bit lame (like an SMW special), before briefly reappearing in 2011 to fill a gap. We’re in Dallas, Texas. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

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