Rock Bottom

Val Venis & The Godfather vs. D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry
Because Jim Ross has just suffered another bout of Bells Palsy a week ago in England, Michael Cole replaces him on commentary, which is just bloody typical on a pay-per-view I am covering. If I had known that, I would have palmed this show off! Val and Godfather are unofficially known as Supply & Demand, but their tandem only lasted a matter of days before they were split and went their separate ways. A shame really, because they were well suited as partners, at least from a gimmick perspective. Val was far better in the ring though, so I can understand wanting to keep him as a singles guy. I do hate teams being thrown together just for the sake of it, but their paths do cross again a few years down the line, with both guys shunning their over and entertaining personalities in favour of suits and ties as members of the tedious Right To Censor. We start with a customary long promo from the faces, before the unover Mark Henry and the ludicrous head-wiggling D’Lo Brown come out, accompanied by Jacqueline and Terri. The latter makes herself look like a complete tool by trying to copy D’Lo’s famous tick, and to be perfectly honest I think she is a friggin’ dog anyway. She already looked incredibly haggard and old here, even though she was only 32 at the time. What the hell did Dustin (and Dusty… Oh yes) see in her? Half of this match has potential to be excellent, as Val and D’Lo had a bit of an epic at SummerSlam ’98 that I rather enjoyed. Shame about the other half then. Having D’Lo team with Henry is a complete waste of him as it is, because he was on fire in 1998 and could have offered far more than he was allowed to. I remember talk of him being one of the next big things in wrestling at the time, but it never quite panned out for him. The fact that Henry rather than he, or the other two guys in this for that matter, became a World Champion is just unfathomable. I guess ultimately longevity counts more than talent. This match is pretty much Attitude encapsulated, with a sluggish punchy-kicky style combined with the only truly over thing in the match being the catchphrases. The finish sees Jacqueline pull Val’s pants down and expose his thong covered ass, then slap him HARD before a Henry clothesline puts him away. This is the second PPV running with thong related activities. Hiding something in that closet there, Vinny Ru? “I thought Jacqueline came out here with Val, I’m confused”. Yes, Jerry Lawler was on the ball back in 1998 too. He doesn’t understand what happened, but the ugly sisters came out with D’Lo, so why would them delivering an assist be in any way a surprise? Too busy watching their big fake tits to pay attention were we? Why am I even trying to justify or make sense of anything from 1998 anyway?
Final Rating: *

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