Rock Bottom

The Headbangers vs. The Oddities
Wisely, the monstrous Giant Silva is reduced to cheerleader for this rather than wrestling, so it is Kurrgan and Golga who are tasked with working the match. Much like I have an inexplicable love for Ahmed Johnson, I also adore the Oddities. They are all just so amazingly bad that they become delightfully entertaining. Like a dog with no teeth constantly trying to bite you, there is plenty of effort but no actual damage. The galling thought that springs to mind is that both Golga (as Earthquake) and Kurrgan (as the Interrogator) could quite feasibly have been programmed as contenders to the WWF Title once upon a time. Earthquake essentially was, when given main events with Hulk Hogan in 1990, because while the Ultimate Warrior was the champion, Hogan was still booked as the top star. Interrogator tore through the field at Survivor Series ’97 and was booked as a monster, but major changes in company direction and the fact he blew chunks, meant he quickly got de-pushed. This is a perfect role for him, and I am entirely tolerant of the Oddities and their place on the card, because not everything can be intense, violent and the main event. Undercard guys have a place, and if they are entertaining, all the better. I’m not sure what makes the Bangers heels other than now coming o the ring first and not raising their arms for cheers. The crowd is completely dead for this though, unfortunately, because you can’t work heat on two monsters like the Oddities and the Bangers aren’t over at all as heels. The action is almost identical to the opener, only executed with less panache and smoothness, obviously. I would question the logic in booking consecutive tag matches, but I am sure the booker knows what he is doing… Sorry, I couldn’t even finish that sentence with a straight face. The finish sees Golga go for his old Earthquake finisher the Vertical Splash, only for Mosh to catch him with a modified Thesz press off the top for the win. Lawler and Cole call it “what a move” and act like they have never seen anything like it. Not good.
Final Rating: ½*


Backstage, Vince’s sycophants suck up to him and want to bring him coffee. A worthwhile inclusion to any pay-per-view event.

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