Rock Bottom

The J.O.B. Squad vs. The Brood
The jobbers in question are Al Snow, Bob Holly and Scorpio, while the Brood are Gangrel, Christian and Edge. The talent in the ring is pretty great actually, but the way they are being utilised at this stage is shambolic. The whole concept of the J.O.B. Squad is pretty dumb; “We are losers but okay with it”, essentially. The Brood I actually think are pretty cool, with an ace entrance and a fun little blood-bath gimmick. The action here is decent, as you might expect from five talented guys and Gangrel, but the crowd are using this as the popcorn match. You can see the empty seats quite blatantly. It would help if there was a coherent thread holding all of the moves, switches and counters together, because while nicely done they don’t actually achieve anything. Snow throws in some exotic moves such as an ocean cyclone suplex, but he is countered by Gangrel throwing in a single arm DDT like it’s a punch. Tosser. Because this (unfortunately) isn’t Japan, the Brood isolate Snow as Edge uses a chinlock. This approach to six-man action is one of those things in wrestling that really pisses me off, because there is no need for resting or slowing it down with six guys in there. Just tell a story and have it make sense, and work the fancy moves into that. Is it really so hard? A pier-sixer breaks out, which the crowd doesn’t react to, and Scorpio crashes and burns on the outside. Al Snow takes out Christian with Head and legal man Scorpio hits a dangerous looking Tumbleweed, only for Edge to make a last minute save. Edge does an assisted plancha to the outside before Christian hits the Unprettier (“that move again” – Cole) on Scorpio for the win. Plenty of action for the most part, but they might as well have been doing it in the final stages of the AWA Team Challenge Series for all the crowd cared.
Final Rating: **

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