Rock Bottom

Striptease Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Goldust
If Jarrett wins, Goldust strips, if Goldust wins then Debra strips. Well, that’s one way of ensuring the crowd gets behind the babyface: revulsion at the prospect of his naked body. This is the only era of Jeff Jarrett that I actually like, because I think for the first time he was finally a wrestler rather than a caricature, and his place on the card was right. He was an upper midcard guy and nothing more, he has never been a top guy, he just doesn’t have the charisma or wrestling ability. Other than this brief year or so spell, Jarrett was pretty dull. The start is fairly quick and more energetic than you might expect from Goldust in late 1998, but again the moves are just there as an excuse for something to do, with no particular rhyme or reason to them. On a near fall attempt from Jarrett, the crowd responds with a quite unusual sigh of relief when Goldust kicks out. They don’t really care about him, they just want to see Debra’s voluptuous fun-bags. When Jarrett locks on a sleeper the response is similar, with the crowd chanting “Goldust” to prevent him passing out, rather than in support. Goldust gets a visual win from the Curtain Call, because the referee is distracted by Debra, and now the crowd is alive and they eat up the near falls, because they have a vested interest in the outcome. Debra comes in to distract Goldust when he has Jarrett set up for Shattered Dreams, and the ref removes her from the ring, but Jarrett doesn’t escape quick enough and the interference ends up backfiring because Goldie is able to hit the move while the ref is dealing with Jarrett’s valet. Jarrett rolls to the outside and the ref starts counting, so Debra comes in and twats Goldust with Jarrett’s guitar. Jarrett rolls back in and scores the win, which is a very unpopular decision. WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels comes out, and surprisingly doesn’t get mega-heat from the Canadian fans, which probably has something to do with the reason he is out here; he disqualifies Jarrett and thus Debra has to strip. I mean, I think she looks like a witch, but it is better than Goldust getting his pasty white ass out, sure. Michaels stays in the ring for the show and pops me big with his reaction to seeing Debra’s bra, as he whips out a few bills and places them in between her heaving waps, all the while with a giddy schoolboy expression etched across his face. As ever, the WWF fails to fully deliver on the titty front, as moral objector the Blue Blazer comes out and covers her up before the puppies get loose.
Final Rating: **

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