Rock Bottom

WWF Tag Team Championship
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman
Shamrock and Bossman are not as random a team as first appears, as both are members of the Corporation, and they are accompanied by… Shawn Michaels. Yes, the same HBK who was the babyface saviour to perverts everywhere, comes out as a heel in the VERY NEXT MATCH. After Lee’s scathing assassination of Vince Russo in his Survivor Series ’98 review, it almost feels like kicking a man while he is down, but hell he deserves it: Vince Russo is the most cancerous piece of scum to ever befall the wrestling industry, because of idiotic and illogical plot chasms like that. The reason there were babyfaces and heels for so long was because it WORKED, and because fans want to boo and cheer people. Shades of grey, or whatever the hell he calls his nonsensical shitty booking, only serves to make everyone bland and uninteresting, except the better guys with personalities and enough stroke to veto the nonsense, who get over on their own merits. The long term damage to the industry that Russo’s blurring of the lines has caused is now irreversible. Kayfabe is dead, true heels are dead (I recently heard Mickie James say that she is nice to fans even when she is a heel and AJ Lee say that her on-screen feud with Kaitlyn was not real and they were actually best friends. Both would have been shot in the 80s) and now crowds only pop for spots, surprise returns or silly self-indulgent memes (Fandango). Thanks for nothing Vinnie Ru, you unfathomably stupid ignoramus. I am in such a bad mood thinking about Russo that I can’t even bring myself to talk about the match. And with good reason too, because it is an inexplicable 17-minutes of resting, punching and nothing else. Michael Cole raises my ire by calling Bossman’s nightstick a “baton”, which is something you pass in an Olympic relay race. It’s a nightstick and it has always been a nightstick, you little doyle. The finish finally, mercifully arrives with Shawn Michaels getting involved and tripping Billy Gunn on a suplex attempt, only for Gunn to roll through and catch the pin on Shamrock. No matter though, the WWF runs the same match the next night on Raw and switches the titles anyway, making Shamrock and Bossman tag champions who no-one remembers. That title switch marked the beginning of Billy Gunn’s push to the moon, which included more horrid booking and title related shenanigans in the lead-up to WrestleMania, a King of the Ring win and then a crap match at SummerSlam which derailed him beyond repair. Personally I liked Gunn and thought he deserved the chance after toiling in the WWF for years, but surprise, surprise; the booking consumed him.
Final Rating: ½*

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