Royal Rumble ’89



Arnold Furious: In 1988 the WWF debuted the Royal Rumble as a TV special to counter an NWA PPV the same night. By 1989 Vince had decided it was a big enough contest to carry a PPV itself. After all the concept had been introduced to, accepted and approved of by his WWF fanbase. The huge difference between the ’88 and ’89 Rumbles, is that the locker room wasn’t so obviously split into heel/face alignments. In particular, Bad News Brown had changed that. He was a heel but he had no problems getting into it with other heels, as he had proven by eliminating Bret Hart at a battle royal to begin WrestleMania IV. Not only that, but RR89 also boasted an all-heel match with Haku facing Harley Race (thought it was not included on the VHS release). In many ways the wrestling landscape was being shaken up and changed forever.


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