Royal Rumble ’91




Arnold Furious: With the Gulf War raging in Iraq the WWF spent most of late 1990 and early 1991 trying to capitalise on the feelings of the American people. The problem came not from the WWF’s attempts to be topical, if anything that was a plus, but rather the TV nature of the war made it oversaturated in the media without the WWF putting their own spin on it too. Coming into the Rumble, the WWF had made the decision to switch champion from Warrior to Slaughter in order to set up Hogan-Slaughter at ‘Mania for the title and Hogan defending the USA against the evils of foreign people and turncoats. Of course the Iraq conflict was done by the time WrestleMania rolled around and the WWF had to suspect their timing would be somewhat out. I still think the safer bet would have been Hogan-Warrior II, even if neither man wanted to lose.

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