Royal Rumble ’92



Arnold Furious: The last time the WWF vacated their world title the result was an enormous tournament that lasted forever and ate up the majority of WrestleMania IV. Pretty much everyone hated it and, aside from Savage winning, it was a bust. So with the title vacant again, following not one but two screwy belt changes featuring Hogan and The Undertaker, the WWF had a better idea; put the title up for grabs in the Royal Rumble and make that match really mean something. The Rumble would go onto become one of the most prestigious matches in wrestling. Hell of a job for a glorified battle royal. 1992 is when it all started to make sense as a match, with the title on the line in an hour long contest. The field was strong too with potential winners throughout led by Hogan and Taker who’d been promised late entrance numbers. Also involved were Flair, Piper, Sid, Jake and Savage. We all know what happened, but Flair didn’t know until the day that he would win. Nor that he’d enter at #3. The WWF were eager to put over his stamina, notorious in the NWA, without putting him in an hour match on PPV. This way they could have their cake and eat it. We’re in Albany, New York. Hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.

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