SummerSlam 2016



Arnold Furious: What a weekend this has been for professional wrestling. Like with WrestleMania weekend earlier in the year promotions decided to piggyback on WWE’s popularity and we saw PPV efforts from Ring of Honor, EVOLVE (twice) and New Japan’s Super J Cup. WWE themselves were busy and put on an NXT TakeOver event the same weekend. Normally a weekend is a busy time for wrestling but these big weekends are becoming commonplace. Next year ‘Mania weekend has a ridiculous number of live shows including two UK promotions running in Orlando. This is frankly insane but if you love wrestling these big weekends are wonderful experiences. I’m not short on time today so I’m going to include the Kickoff show in this review. It is the second biggest PPV of year!


We’re in Brooklyn, New York. Hosts for Kickoff are Renee Young, Booker TJerry Lawler and Lita. They chat about the matches and such and Booker tells us about the time he got a hole in one (it was a par 3).

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