SummerSlam ’90

Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake
Quake had been on a mini-rampage since WrestleMania and eliminated Hogan’s original corner man -and Beefcake replacement buddy- Tugboat. Hogan didn’t sweat it and just replaced him with Big Bossman. Quake has fellow Canadian and Jimmy Hart stable member Dino Bravo in his corner. The WWF had been trying hard to get this angle over to give Hogan a reason to not be in the WWF title match or involved with Warrior. The whole angle reminds me of King Kong Bundy as he injured Hogan in order to set up a big Hogan comeback and PPV main event. Quake isn’t good in long matches due to his lack of moves and conditioning. Hogan, like a lot of big stars, ignores that and figures he’ll be the man capable of having Quake’s first good long match. The only thing Hogan comes up with is hitting the fatigue selling at the opening lockup. It’s after the first two times he gets punched off the apron that I figure the only reason Jimmy Hart is out here is to take bumps, seeing as Quake can’t. It doesn’t help that Bossman just strolls in there and double teams with the Hulkster. It’s not a tag match! Bossman was quick enough with a DQ when he was refereeing earlier and yet here he thinks he’s above the law. Who does he think he is? Steven Segal? Quake brings some goofy selling that doesn’t fit into the match, at all. Earthquake sits on Hogan and Vince McMahon starts eulogising the former champ but he kicks out of a second one and starts no selling. He gets a big slam, which they’ve built up to with him failing beforehand. Bravo stops the pin after the legdrop with Hart jumping in there too. I don’t like the booking where the DQ rule just goes out of the window because it suits them. I don’t see why Hogan couldn’t just go over with the legdrop and I don’t even like Hogan. The actual finish is far more disappointing as he slams Quake on a table and wins on count out. The attempts to get Quake over made no sense to me. There are only so many times you can watch Hogan battle another monster, especially after Zeus, before it gets tiresome. Quake was never a main event talent. He was just a big dude with a crap finisher. They couldn’t even finish the feud off here because they wanted Quake strong for the house show circuit. It doesn’t help that the feud was a replica of the Bundy feud, which didn’t make sense to me either.
Final Rating: *

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