SummerSlam ’90

Steel Cage Match
WWF Championship
The Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. Rick Rude
Rude got himself a title push courtesy of carrying Warrior to his best undercard match at SummerSlam ’89. Unfortunately this match didn’t measure up, and seeing as Warrior was champion it was Rude who got blamed for this match flopping. He was gone from the company by the time Survivor Series rolled around. He’d have the last laugh as he went over to WCW about a year later and had the best matches of his career in a wonderful three-year run. That’s the Ravishing Rick Rude I remember. Better entrance music too. “He’s simply ravishing…baa-da da-da-da-da”. That used to be my ringtone. As the match starts Rude immediately bumps like a freak in an attempt to get it over. But this Warrior is a different specimen to the one who was willing to listen and follow the previous year. He’s gotten all cocky as the champion and thinks he knows what he’s doing. Babyface commentator Piper clearly hates him and refers to his ring gear as “the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen” before making fun of his “prancing”. Vince must be seething inside -you probably shouldn’t bury his champion on live PPV- but that’s Piper; he calls it like he sees it. Warrior powers out of the Rude Awakening but Rude gets his knees up on the big splash to set up another Rude Awakening. Rude makes a horrible mistake by not pinning him and instead opts to jump off the cage. Perhaps its blood loss from the cage or perhaps it’s a desire to injure Warrior rather than beat him. Neither make much sense. Heenan slams the door on Warrior’s head and Rude finally decides to pin him… for 2. Heenan tries to pull Rude out the door but Warrior turns it into a tug-o-war and yanks Heenan in. The good news is Heenan takes a mean bump. The bad news is both of the main events have featured managers more eager to bump and get the match over than the faces. Rude becomes the first guy to take the consecutive clotheslines spot, which Savage would perfect. Gorilla press and Warrior climbs out to retain. That’s not what they had in mind when they booked Rude vs. Warrior and I think the cage hindered them and limited the match. Warrior didn’t seem as interested in having an entertaining match as at SummerSlam ’89 and instead opted to have a match where Rude showed all of the ass. Literally at times.
Final Rating: **

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