SummerSlam ’90

The Rockers vs. Power & Glory
The tag title situation had become interesting around the middle of 1990. Vince had Demolition as tag champs, but they were always his version of The Road Warriors. So in 1990 when he got the chance to sign the real thing, he hired Hawk and Animal and renamed them The Legion of Doom. The plan, as far as I can tell from cobbling bits and pieces together, is that Vince wanted to do Demos-LOD, but not for the tag titles initially. So he’d come up with a long term plan that involved the Harts going over Demolition tonight, then jobbing the belts to the Rockers, who’d in turn job to transitional champs…presumably Power & Glory. They would be LOD fodder eventually, probably around WrestleMania. It seemed like a long way to go when they could have just debuted the LOD against Demolition for the tag titles, but that would have been blowing their booking load in one month. The plan got as far as the Rockers winning the titles, but the match was the famous “broken rope match”, so it never got aired on TV and the Harts kept the belts that Bret was hoping they’d lose, so he could finally get that singles push. Power & Glory were Hercules, with a heel turn after a hopeless face run, and Paul Roma. This might have been a real show stealer, but Shawn Michaels came in injured so Herc bashes him in the knee with his chain to eliminate him from the match. Marty ends up wrestling solo. The officiating is horrible here as the ref takes forever to get one of P&G out. Jannetty considers this a chance to make a name for himself. He gets some nice hope spots and big twisting bumps. As a competition it ends up as a Power & Glory showcase and they finish with the Power-Plex, which was a superplex and Superfly splash combo. A really good finisher. Power & Glory looked good, as did Marty Jannetty, but as a contest it was over as soon as Shawn came in hurt.
Final Rating: **

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