SummerSlam ’90

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Mr. Perfect (c) vs. The Texas Tornado
Or Curt Hennig vs. Kerry von Erich anywhere else. Vince sure loved those gimmick names. Perfect won the IC title after Warrior vacated it. Originally he was jobbing to Beefcake, again, here with Brutus taking the belt, but Bruti fell afoul of that dreadful parasailing accident and couldn’t wrestle. Kerry had been a star in Texas, where all the von Erich’s were huge, but he’s only just stepping out onto the global stage. He’s a former NWA champion but that title switch was in Texas too. Vince clearly saw another Ultimate Warrior and this is how Warrior’s big push started; IC title. Tornado is unfocused but popular and Perfect can get just about anybody over. His bumping is tremendous, as always. Kerry catapults him into the buckles, applies the Claw briefly and finishes with the Discus Punch, with Perfect doing the most overblown sell possible on the finish. Von Erich looked like a star but rarely wrestled like one, at least this late in his career. During his time in Texas he was more than capable. This match was an attempt to re-create the Warrior push, but Perfect hadn’t had time to build up a big title run like The Honky Tonk Man did, so the reaction isn’t as big. Another major point is the fans were getting burned out on Vince pushing musclemen. Warrior got over because he was different to Hogan, but The Texas Tornado just looked like the same dude. If you look and behave like the biggest star in the company you’re joining you’ll get a push, but you’ll never be unique, and world champions tend to be unique. It’s a pity Vince didn’t go in for Kerry two years earlier and give him Warrior’s push. But then, Warrior was a hand picked champion and one of Vince’s favourites.
Final Rating: *


The next match is supposed to be Sherri vs. Sapphire, but Sapphire is a no-show because Ted DiBiase bought her off. The whole angle comes to a conclusion in one bizarre moment of booking. Why would DiBiase want to buy off Sapphire? It seems like a hole in the logic. So Sapphire doesn’t turn up and Sherri wins on forfeit. Sherri made some unusual dress choices for this show, and is dressed like Jushin Liger, right down to the mask. I have no idea what that was about. Dusty Rhodes confirms that he’s not seen Sapphire. The angle would lead to Rhodes-DiBiase and the eventual debut of Dustin Rhodes.

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