SummerSlam ’90

The Warlord vs. Tito Santana
This was originally scheduled to be the blow-off for the Santana-Martel feud, which had rumbled on since the Strike Force split, but Martel got injured. Having been saddled with one of the former Powers of Pain members The Barbarian at WrestleMania, Tito has an even worse job here with the other; The Warlord. He is one of the WWF’s worst wrestlers, as is evidenced by Tito’s failure to make him interesting, and Tito was generally one of the best when it came to getting others over. The Warlord actually had a good look. He was very big and hugely muscular, even for the WWF, but he never seemed to utilise that size. Tito gets the flying forearm out of nowhere and only the ropes save Warlord. Tito opts to start taking bumps square on his neck and Warlord finishes with the running powerslam. I think it speaks volumes for Tito that this didn’t completely suck. You do have to wonder about the WWF’s direction though. Tito was the guy originally wrestling on the show, while Warlord was added late, and yet its Santana that jobs? It’s not like they’ve got anything interesting in the pipeline for Warlord.
Final Rating: ¾*

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