SummerSlam ’90

WWF Tag Team Championship / 2/3 Falls
Demolition (c) vs. The Hart Foundation
All three Demo’s are in the building but it’s only Smash and Crush that come out to wrestle, thanks to a stipulation. With Bret Hart on the cusp of a singles push, he gets to cut a lengthy promo backstage, which is terrible. Neidhart would almost get released during this tag title run as his contract expired and they ran the switch to The Rockers with the broken rope. Shawn Michaels actually once accused Bret of playing politics by not dropping the belts, but in reality Bret was desperate to ditch the titles so he could get his singles run. The WWF’s angle here is that the Harts are the established team and therefore dominate the action. Meanwhile Crush’s addition to Demolition has weakened the team by making them unfamiliar with each other. Of course Crush is a big, big dude so he gets to boss chunks of the match by himself. Bret shows in both circumstances that’s he’s an excellent all-rounder in the ring. He wrestles circles around Crush. Both teams make a reasonable number of tags to keep the action fresh, but the Harts lean heavily on Bret’s abilities as he’s just starting to get the “Five Moves of Doom” over. Demolition double team him though and the Demolition Decapitation puts the champs up 1-0. The second fall starts with Demolition isolating the already hurt Bret Hart. Bret’s selling is excellent and that allows the fans to get into the match. Bret’s excellence in the ring was consistent., his only real flaw was his lack of charisma on the mic, which he knew about and strived to improve. He had a good sign-off line tonight, but everything before it was horrid. Anvil uses his power to get the Harts back into it and the Hart Attack would finish only for Crush to bump the ref. Earl Hebner calls it a DQ. 1-1.  Bret gets laid out as the fall finishes and Ax runs down to hide under the ring. As the fall gets underway the Harts again demonstrate superior teaming until Ax sneaks in and beats Bret down. How can Earl not tell the difference? Ax has different face paint, different hair and a different look. It’s not even a Killer Bees level of switching possibilities. Maybe Smash and Crush could switch. The Legion of Doom get sick of the switching and retrieve Ax from under the ring. It’s a shame they never got around to LOD-Demo’s with the belts on the line. It could have been a blow-away match if booked right. While 2/3rds of the Demo’s are out fighting LOD, Crush gets rolled up and the Harts take the titles. I’m sure the WWF were in a bit of a quandary, as neither team needed the belts. It ended up as a decent contest and easily the best match on a poor card.
Final Rating: ***¼

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