SummerSlam ’90

Bad News Brown vs. Jake Roberts
Like most of Jake’s WWF opponents, it turns out that Bad News is scared of snakes. He’s countered that by bringing his own pet; a Harlem sewer rat. Think Bad News is getting pissed off with this company yet? If you said “yes”, you guessed correctly, as he walked out after this show. Apparently Vince McMahon had originally stated Brown would be the WWF’s first black champion, but the booking suggested otherwise. The Big Bossman is the guest referee, so Bad News has someone else to swear at. After missing a few DDT attempts, Jake gets beaten down severely, but it still feels like Jake is a comeback away from winning. That DDT is a big move. Bad News uses a chair and Bossman has ZERO TOLERANCE and calls for the DQ. The match had some potential but no finish. Bad News tried to get his character over in the WWF but Vince couldn’t see beyond his colour. It is a pity, as black or white or whatever, his character could have gotten over, years before Steve Austin got over with a similar approach of heel bad-assery.
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