SummerSlam ’90

Brother Love Show
Brother Love’s guest is Sgt. Slaughter. When the Sarge left the WWF he was one of their top babyfaces and this was just after the beginning of Hulkamania. He was up there with Andre and Snuka as a top card face. But five years in the AWA has soured him on the United States, so he’s gone from patriotic soldier to anti-American stereotype. Mainly because “pinko Commie maggot scum puke” Nikolai Volkoff turned face. America’s acceptance of a former enemy has enraged the Sarge. He thinks America is weak now and it’d be a mistake to get in a war with Iraq because the USA would lose. There are those who were critical of the WWF exploiting the Gulf War, and it sure didn’t do much for shifting tickets to WrestleMania VII, but Sgt. Slaughter had a great time playing the part.


Tangent: Speaking of the AWA, this is the same month they stopped running shows. Verne Gagne’s business had been down, because every time he got someone over they’d jump to the WWF. Or WCW. Cases in point; Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, Rick Martel, The Rockers. The final nail in the AWA coffin was a disastrous series called the Team Challenge Series. Some of the matches took place in empty arenas, supposedly to prevent outside interference, but it was in actuality because of abysmal ticket sales. Wrestling’s 80s boom was certainly over by this point and the AWA was hit hardest of the “Big Three”. It killed them off.

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