SummerSlam ’90

Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Savage
The ongoing story of SummerSlam ’90 is that Sapphire went missing under mysterious circumstances. In a conclusion of her character arc she’s accepted cash from Ted DiBiase and has left Dusty alone. The Million Dollar Man turns up before the match to announce his purchase of Sapphire. Savage, being the Macho King, has Sensational Queen Sherri in his corner. With his heart broken Dusty offers minimum resistance, even though Savage looks like he doesn’t give a damn. Sherri is the only one who cares enough to get the match over. Savage sneaks up on Dusty with the loaded purse and knocks him out for the win. Another stinker in a series of them. Dusty was kayfabe depressed while Savage was not in a good mood. He was pretty much miserable until the following year when he got meaningful stories again. Considering this was the 3rd main event of the show it only lasted a disappointing two minutes, although I wouldn’t be keen on seeing anything longer.
Final Rating: DUD

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