Survivor Series ’89



Arnold Furious: This show has a bit of a bad reputation, deservedly so, as it drops in between the two big feuds the WWF had going on. It’s after Hogan has already beaten Zeus and before they’re even building towards Warrior at ‘Mania. Hogan ends up with a double re-hash of DiBiase and Zeus. The latter being more mercenary than evil cyborg in terms of storyline now. Meanwhile Warrior would utilise this show as a means to an end. The WWF knew the direction they wanted to go and put Warrior’s team on last to see what sort of reaction he’d get. We’re in Rosemont, Illinois (Chicago). Hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura. The WWF clearly thought that Schiavone didn’t have a pleasant enough delivery to keep the family watching over Thanksgiving turkey.

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