Survivor Series ’90



Arnold Furious: Towards the end of 1990 the WWF was reaching a creative low point. A lot of what they were doing wasn’t working. The Warrior’s title run was officially a failure, Demolition had been revamped and lost their edge, Jesse Ventura had gone, ditto Bad News Brown and Rick Rude, and Randy Savage had completely lost his mojo. It was one disappointment after another. However, this show would mark the debut of former WCW midcarder Mark Callaway. Dubbed ‘Mean Mark’ in WCW, he’d been able to show off some of his considerable skill-set, but the character was shallow. Vince McMahon gave him a new gimmick and debuted him as a mystery partner. Survivor Series 1990, for all its horrible, gaping flaws, would witness the debut of The Undertaker.

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