Survivor Series ’91



Arnold Furious:

Roddy Piper & Bret Hart & Virgil & The British Bulldog vs. Ric Flair & Ted DiBiase & The Mountie & The Warlord
When Flair entered the WWF he made challenges to pretty much all of their top guys and first in line was Roddy Piper. He’d just about recovered from his motorcycle injuries and was capable enough to get a decent run under his belt in early 1992. There are a few intertwining feuds in this one. Unfortunately Bret and The Mountie was one of them, although Bret’s future and most important IC title matches would be against his teammates. Apart from Virgil. A few interesting additions at ringside: Mr. Perfect has now become Flair’s advisor seeing as he’s out injured. Also Harvey Wippleman has made his WWF debut as a manager. Originally put with Big Bully Busick, he’d go onto manage his friend Sid at ‘Mania. Wippleman was a great heel, all bravado and a great booming manly voice but a toothpick by WWF standards. He looks like a hipster and he’s managing Warlord, of all people. Survivor Series would have been perfect for the Four Horsemen. Flair takes every opportunity to cheat in this match. Ted gets himself isolated and the crowd pop Virgil more than the other faces and yet he’s by far the worst worker on his team. Ted and Bret do the best wrestling stuff, as you’d expect. Bret against Flair isn’t quite as good due to a lack of familiarity. Flair isn’t used to working a guy who’ll stay on him; he expects to get distance for his bumps. His work with Davey Boy is better. Flair could have given Bulldog the old “Sting treatment” and made him a legit main eventer. Easy. This was Davey at the peak of his powers too. Dominant against smaller men but fast paced and exciting against big men like Warlord. Mountie brings a few dubious looking bumps for Davey. Ted blows a clothesline sell for him too. Kinda weird. Running powerslam should finish Mountie but Flair sneaks in blind and nails Bulldog in the back of the head for the opening pin. Sadly the pace dies off a bit with Davey’s elimination. Mountie brings more weird looking back bumps. I’m wondering if he was carrying an injury at that point. Flair has to painfully walk Virgil through his trademark spots. Eventually he just tags out; Virgil is a lost cause. Hitman lays out Warlord in the midst of a chaotic brawl and Piper gets the pin. 3-on-3 now. The heels work over Virgil, which is a mistake because his selling blows. Piper gets a hot tag and everyone piles in a bigger brawl. Flair takes his bump over the top but everyone else refuses to leave the ring and we get a LAME DQ finish where everyone in the ring gets disqualified. As Flair wasn’t in the ring he wins. Hot opener with an awful finish that no one in their right mind would book. It just totally deflates the crowd after all that hard work. The show goes completely down the toilet at this point.
Final Rating: ***½

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